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We're a small group of hard working entrepreneurs just like you. Our world is technology driven and we are constantly looking for ways to be engaged. Years ago, having a website was the key to staying engaged with your clients or customers. But now, that's just not enough. With most people spending hours a day on their phones, we have to have to think about how to get there attention - through their phone.  Mobile apps have the ability. In fact, customers feel more connected to a company that has a mobile app, especially a functional one. Whether you're in business just by yourself, maybe a hairstylist, or maybe you have a small business like restaurant or store, you need a mobile app. We think that regardless of the size of your business, how many customers you have, or your early sales figures, a mobile should be affordable. We're here to help! Our custom apps start at $995 for the basic options. Integrate all the features you want for just a little more. Your app will be hosted on a stable platform for a nominal monthly fee. It's that easy and affordable! You should call MyAppGuy!

The Design

Your app is all about your business. We'll design your app around your existing branding. We can use your images, or provide high quality stock images and icons. We'll scan your website and pull some of the features that showcase your business and even integrate things like RSS feeds and social media relays.

From Zero to App

It won't take a year to get your app up and running. In fact it won't even take months. Most app designs are ready for submission within about 30 days. Once you've approve your app we will submit it for review and approval which usually takes about 10 business days or less.

How it works

1. Consultation & Quote

We'll meet! Either in person, via FaceTime, on a phone call - whatever works for you. We'll talk through your business and look at all the options for your app. We'll demo the functions you like and start a rough sketch of a layout. After out meeting, our rep we'll start your quote. We'll itemize each feature on the your quote so you can pick and choose what you want and can afford. There's no high pressure sales tactics here. Once we've finalized your quote, the design work begins.

2. The Design

Before we begin and during this process we'll communicate how things are progressing. If you're providing images to use in your app, we'll be sure to get those from you as well. This is the longest part of the process. Function and beauty doesn't happen accidentally so we want to take the necessary time to make sure every thing is just right. Once we have version for you to review, we setup a time to meet again. We'll collect your 25% deposit via credit card.

3. First Review

After all of the initial design and functionality is in place we'll setup another time to meet. We'll go through each aspect of your app and make sure it meets exactly what you want from your app. Also make sure you like the layout, color scheme, images, etc. We'll take any requested changes back with us and make the updates. We'll setup one last review.

4. Final Review

We'll setup a final meeting to review your change requests and have one final walk through. We'll take some time to show how to your app works, and how you manage your content and data, like sending push notifications. You may have a few minor change requests and we'll take care of those prior to step 5. 

5. Review & Approval

We'll complete any final change requests and submit your app the appropriate hosting sites (App Store, Google Play, etc). This process may take up to 10 days. Once approved, your app will be made available for download. In a case where your app isn't initially approved, we'll let you know if something has to be changed. Once your app is approved, your final balance will be due via credit card. 

6. Congratulations On Your New App!

We'll make sure you know exactly how to locate your app so that you can advertise and tell your customers. We'll make sure you know how to change your content, send push notifications (if chosen) and how your app functions. We'll also setup your hosting account. Just like a website, you app needs a home in order for it work. We'll auto bill your credit card each month in the amount of $49. This covers all of the hosting expenses, regardless of the number of downloads or customers using  your app. Your first payment will be due one month following the day you app is live for download. 

Your app is available!




Can I use my app as a mobile store?

Sure! mCommerce is big business. We can add a mobile store into your app. You can easily manage the data of your store as well.

How much does it cost?

Not to be vague, but...it depends. Our apps start at just $995. For this you get a functional but basic app. The more you want your app to do the more it will cost. On average, our clients spend about $2500 on the design. This will get cool features, like a customer loyalty program. Regardless of how complex your app is, hosting is still only $49/mo. 

Why does it cost monthly to host my app?

Like a website, your apps data and content have to be stored somewhere. All of that information has to be kept secure, and all that require normal ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Host is only $49/mo and keeps your app up and running smoothly.

Are there any hidden costs?

Hidden costs? No way! We'll provide a quote based on what you'd like your app to do. If something changes in the design process that affects the quote, we'll let you know. These things might be the cost of stock images. For example, if you provide your own images but the quality is too low, we may suggest replacing them with higher quality stock images. This may result in a nominal extra cost.

Can I send push notifications from my app?

Isn't that the fun part? Yes, for sure, if that's what you want to do. We'll give you some feedback on using push notifications prior to your app going live. There is a fine line between too little and too much and we want your customers to value your app.

I already have a website, social media sites, and send email blasts. Do I need an app too?

We say YES! Customers find apps to be more meaningful than a website. You'll find that customers who use your app stay far more engaged with your business. Social media is great if your customers can and are willing to sort through the clutter to find you. Chances are, they'll become distracted with a cat video that has 20 million views. Lastly, email is now old school. All too often your customer isn't reading your email because they consider it spam or junk. Or, maybe they never had the chance because it was caught in their spam filter. Maybe you should call MyAppGuy!

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